Europe | Italy – Roaming the coastline

Europe | Italy – Roaming the coastline

Sometimes all we need is a little space to relax, think, and learn to let go. So first of all, Emily and me changed our travel plans after talking to other backpackers, and headed out of florence a day early and into nowhere. We ended up in a walled city where nobody spoke english to us, and we knew we had found what we wanted.

At this point I am going to ignore the fact that somebody in my hostel in this town walked away with my wallet. I hope they enjoyed my passport, visas, bahncard, semester bus pass, pictures, cash, and all the other cards and sentimental things in there. Really, I am not bitter, I am better. But if that is the payment I have to make for having had this weekend, I gladly paid my dues…

So we took a train to the area of Cinque Terre-it is on the west coast of Itlay. It is an area of about five small villages that are connected by a hiking path, and it is a national park. The entire path is along the coastline, close to the water and up in the hills, behind trees and simply nowhere. This day was exactly what we both needed.

Not only is it what we needed, it is what my soul yearned for. We didnt talk too much, we just hiked along, lost in our thoughts–approaching italian villages in the hills ahead while watching another one falling behind in the clear green water.

With every step I took, I took a step into the future, leaving the past behind. With every twig that hit me or rock that stubbed my toe, I was reminded that I could still feel–both pain and pleasure. Every set of tall stairs we climbed nad soon were looking down at reiterated the lesson that all obstacles in life are achievable. Yet these thoughts were not enough.

Every deep breath I exhaled I released a recent, yet somehow old memory that needed to leave my mind. Every time I closed my eyes I let go of a mental image. Whenever my feet touched the ground over and over– I methodically forgot a touch from the past, or a moment filled with emotion with somebody. Each bird I heard chirping replaced the sound of a certain voice I keep hearing. Through these actions, repeated throughout the long day, I came to terms with letting go of something I had to. I cleansed my mind, my body, and my soul.

Each corner we came around there was a spectacular view–even better than the last. And it dawned on me what this was supposed to all mean. First, there is something great ahead, even when it seems like the path is sketchy and also when you think the last few were so perfect that it could not be topped. It might not seem possible, but the view, like life, just keeps getting better. And secondly, I have to have faith that I will get there. As long as I am following the right signs and enjoying the journey, I will end up where I am meant to be…

It is the simple things that I need in life to show me the way. And it has taken me coming to Germany to study, and Italy to travel, to remind myself of that. I am ready to move on, no regrets, just a bit smarter, and let go of what I need to.

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