Europe | Iceland | South | Hverger?i – Iceland: Day 1

Europe | Iceland | South | Hverger?i – Iceland: Day 1

Today I made only 3 mistakes… mistake No1 – my usual no sense of direction mistake of going west instead of east to get from Reykjavík to the ring road… mistake No2 – underestimating the amount of traffic and cycling out of Reykjavík instead of getting the bus; just love those 3 lane duel carriageways! Mistake No3 – forgetting that white rice is not as filling as brown rice and consequently got really hungry! Enough whinging though, had an absolutely beautiful day with hardly a cloud in the sky.

Discovered that I am going to be really pressed to describe scenery that is totally alien to me and I haven’t even hit the really weird stuff yet… if it were just one or two things different it would be ok but this is major sensory overload.

Close by the road the ground is relatively level and covered in varying sizes of chunky rock made a rich, dark brown by the low angle of the sun. In contrast, on top grows a pale green mossy plant. A couple of hundred meters away the ground rises steeply to low rugged peaks that look incredibly slippery but I notice that someone has managed to climb up there and write out some ‘graffiti’ with paler rocks. Behind these hills are yet higher mountains, purple and flat against the sky like cardboard cut-outs. I see now why photographers rave about the light up here, there are some amazing effects.

I wander aimlessly around the village of Hverger?i ( where geothermal power is harnessed to heat up the greenhouses in the area which grow a range of things from your everyday veggies to tropical bananas. I get my first glimpse of snow covered mountains as I head off in a north-easterly direction. After spotting a few hopeful looking sheep, I wonder how it is they find enough to eat… it seems sometimes as if they are just grazing on rocks… there are heaps of horses though, I pass a small herd gathered by a sparkling river, clouds drifting slowly across the vast sky.

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