Europe | Iceland | South | Árbakki – Iceland: Day 3

Europe | Iceland | South | Árbakki – Iceland: Day 3

Unfortunately the clouds were around my eyebrows for most of the day so I didn’t see all that much. This part of the country is mostly farmland and as exciting as Iceland is, farmland is just farmland! Large, green fields full of white plastic bails, they look a little surreal, like they’re growing there but obviously the farmers have just finished wrapping up the winter feed for their horses and cattle.

Speaking of feed, people that I met on my travels in Scotland were generally quite disgusted at my liking for eating sardines on oatcakes. So I’m guessing they’ll not be too keen on my latest concoction: sardines or tuna mixed with boiled rice and soy sauce… mmm! I hear all the healthy people cry ‘what about vegetables!’ but I’m afraid it’s vitamin pills all the way for me. Something had to go on my list of things to buy, it was either vegetables or a traditional, woollen Icelandic jumper… not all that hard a decision really.

I encountered my first ‘monster truck’ four wheel drives today. These things are huge and so high off the ground. You can tell people actually use them for the purpose intended and not just for the dangerous task of picking up the kids from school or doing the weekly shopping! It’s a bit freaky though to hear them coming up behind you, their big knobbly tyres sucking at the road.

I took a little detour out to Árbakki horse farm but after a teeth-jarring experience on the road I almost give up but decide to thumb a lift instead. I am picked up straight away… unfortunately there is not much going on at the farm but I do get to have a bit of a chat with the owner and to some young stallions who are more than happy to be patted and have their picture taken. The Icelandic horse is a bit of a phenomenon as the breed has remained pure since the first settles arrived in the country between 870 and 930. I have to hold in the giggles though as I see a couple of large, burly men go by on these sturdy but rather diminutive creatures; they reach a height of around 130cm.

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