Europe | Iceland – Iceland: Day 8

Europe | Iceland – Iceland: Day 8

Today’s lesson – washing in a lake full of icebergs will turn you blue! An obvious lesson, sure, but a very refreshing one.

Spent the whole day under grey skies feeling very introverted and introspective… hello navel! You know those “what am I doing with my life” kind of days… forgetting of course that I AM doing something!

There are mountains to the left of me, their tops lost in cloud and I get the occasional peak at the glacier. The sheep are all on something today, there are two fighting on the road in front of me and I have to scream at them to get out of the way but I guess, being Icelandic sheep, they didn’t understand. Further on I chase three sheep down the road… I don’t get it, there are no fences, the road is level with the ground on both sides yet they insist on running blindly in a straight line. Well, no one has ever said sheep are smart, have they?

I steadily gain ground on another cyclist and stop to have a chat once I get over the shock! He’s from Germany and I turn green with envy as he pulls out a few books on cycling Iceland… in German of course… I have yet to find one in English… I’d just like to add here that a great resource in English is

Arriving in Hofn I have a bit of an internet session next to a group of noisy boys dressed in every imaginable bit of Manchester United paraphernalia… they leave when they can no longer stand the sound of my teeth grinding.

There are quite a few tents at the campsite but I guess a lot of people are waiting for busses in the morning. There is an amazing view across the Skardsfordur to the mountains. The purple peaks rise above a thin, wispy band of cloud with the sun coming through from behind me to cast a pale orange glow reflected in the lake… hardly noticeable in the photo though!

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