Europe | Iceland – Iceland: Day 7

Europe | Iceland – Iceland: Day 7

Wow! I’m going to start at the end and work my way to the beginning. I am camped looking out over a lake full of huge icebergs. It’s fucking amazing! Huge hulks of ice, white mixed with a cool, cool blue and some with streaks of black through them… dirt I guess. There is almost no wind and the water is the same aqua blue as the ice. The sound of trickling water is ever constant and once it gets late and there are no more cars it’s all I hear. Then there is a great creaking and a splash as a sliver of ice falls away from the edge of one of the larger blocks. Snow coloured peaks to my left… wow! I think I’ve found the best campsite in the world! Actually, it’s not a ‘site’ I’ve just stuck up my flag and declared it Australian soil for the evening.

The morning began with me trying desperately to haul myself out of bed… I am having real trouble with this overabundance of daylight. It used to be that the sun rise would wake me up bright and early but when it comes up at 4am, I’m in the deepest of sleeps and don’t manage to wake up ‘til about 9… anyways, I decided that while I was here I’d do a couple of the short walks from the campsite. After discovering you can’t play rock, paper, scissors with yourself, a toss of a coin decides – glacier then waterfall.

Somehow I expected a cliff of ice but in reality the edge of the glacier, Skaftafellsjokull, is basically a heap of frozen, cracked earth. Doesn’t sound too inspiring but the sounds of water trickling and the occasional creaking make me realise that this thing is alive and constantly moving. I probably could have got a little closer and even climbed up for a short way but visions of falling in deep crevices kept me from getting too adventurous.

The walk out to the Svartifoss was very pleasant and I was greeted with views out over the sandur as I climbed higher. The strange basalt columns that surround the waterfall are reminiscent of the giants causeway in Northern Ireland that I visited a couple of years ago.

On the road toward Jokulsarion I have my photo taken twice! Perhaps they needed proof I was not a mirage?! I stopped for a while to watch the Great Skuas (great big birds) which are much more amusing and less Hitchcockesque when not trying to crack my skull open like they almost did on Hoy (Scotland)

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