Europe | Hungary | Pecs – Pecs: decent

Europe | Hungary | Pecs – Pecs: decent

I decided I’d try smaller town Hungary. I knew next country would be Croatia, so I checked to see what was on the way. Pecs was in the right general direction. The guidebook said it was ‘the perfect place to spend a few days’. It would have been wrong not to go.

I got the 14.25 train from Budapest Deli station. The journey was uninteresting so I won’t waste a sentence on it. I got to Pecs about 17.30 and looked for somewhere to stay.

Pecs hostels double as university residences and were full of students. I was forced to move upmarket. Fonix Hotel, with its cable TV, cooked breakfasts, minibar and central location, would have to do. By the time I’d settled in and had dinner, it was late. A good night’s sleep was called for. Tomorrow would be another day.

The Germans call Pecs Funfkirchen. There’s more than five, with a decent selection of denominations. Offered up for your delectation are the twin steepled basilica of St. Peter, a moody synagogue and a 16th century mosque with a carpet kindly donated by the Turkish government. A nice architectural mix. Has caused a few problems though.

Apart from the churchs, there’s not really that much to see or do. There are some beautiful buildings around Szechenyiter. I passed some museums, but I’m not really into porcelain. There are the remains of a Roman Mausoleum. It’s fair to say there’s not much left. I nearly tripped over it.

Then the rains came. Luckily I was inside having a rest. We got the works, thunder, lightning, eight hours of driving, hopping rain. Every now and again I would move on to a different cafe, all the while getting closer to the hotel. Then I ran out of money and spent a fun half hour sloshing through deserted Pecs, high on caffeine, trying to find a bankomat that would furnish me with forints.

By the time I’d lingered over my spaghetti, the storm had passed. Pecs looked kind of nice all wet. It glistened.

Next morning it was raining again. It was time to go. I trudged to the station through the puddles.

I’m not sure if I’d go along with Lonely Planet’s description of Pecs as a ‘perfect place’. It was decent enough. I reckon I saw most of what there was to see in the few hours I had. But the hotel was nice (Hotel Fonix, Hunyadi Janos ut 2, phone 311 680) and I found a tasty restaurant (Dom Snack, Kiraly Utca) and my mother will be happy to hear I’m spending so much time in churchs. Pecs: a decent place to spend a few days in.

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