Europe | Hungary | Budapest – Arriving in a strange, dark city…

Europe | Hungary | Budapest – Arriving in a strange, dark city…

Disembarking from the train upon arrival in Budapest, I was immediately plunged into the discomforting feeling of not knowing what I was doing. This happens often, actually, but the further east I travel, the more I feel I’m getting in over my head.

I stepped off the train into a flourescently-lit station, managed to figure out the going rate of currency, exchanged a little money, found the exit, fought off taxi drivers vying for my patronage, and boarded the ‘Red’ number 7 bus (as opposed to the regular number 7 bus), all the while feeling as if my lungs were going to explode, since I kept inadvertantly holding my breath.

I only got lost twice trying to find my hostel, but as it was quite dark outside and my hostel was inexplicably located in random suburbs, the disquiet I felt was nearly palpable. To make matters even more uncomfortable, the hostel was lively and inattentive…I couldn’t figure out who was in charge for about 10 minutes. Finally got settled in a little room, my backpack hoisted onto the top bunk, and rested for a bit. Whew. I explored the hostel a little before deciding it was bedtime. Found myself once again incredibly grateful for earplugs…roommates arriving in the middle of the night, very squeaky beds, and trains rumbling by across the street at all hours might have been a bigger problem if I hadn’t been advised to bring some along!

I was torn between wanting to be back in Olomouc and scolding myself for being so demanding. I finally shrugged the whole mess off as sleep enveloped me. Feelings of displacement, loneliness, and complete ‘Help!-I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing!’ are always present whenever I travel from place to place. Surely they’d dissolve as I came to know my new home…they always do.

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