Europe | Germany – What I Have Learned In Germany

Europe | Germany – What I Have Learned In Germany

This is an ongoing list of things i have learned here… it has just began, and hopefully, it won´t end until the day i board the plane back to the states…

I Have Learned How To:

*Travel lightly (okay, lightER)
*Make alfredo sauce from scratch
*Stop a moving bus after it has passed you on the street
*Go out late, have a good time, but somehow get up early and make it all happen
*Be the first one to introduce myself
*Make new friends
*But keep the old
*Sleep in trainstations to save money
*Get urine out of a carseat
*Live without everything I never thought I could
*Adapt my life schedule to public transportation
*Sleep on a night train while holding my backpack tightly
*Trust everybody
*Trust nobody
*Be proud to be an American, yet still skeptical of my country
*Be sick, and take care of myself
*Eat one meal a day, due to my budget
*Sacrafice the little things, so I can have the big things
*Trust my gut–and run!

I Have Learned That:

*Cheese & bread really is a well balanced diet
*Sharing a bathroom with males is like living in the twilight zone
*In german, when you say you are hot, it doesn´t mean that the temp is high, it means that you are horny
*Everybody needs a friend
*Dishes don´t just clean themselves
*Sometimes a Happy Meal is all a kid needs to feel better when you are babysitting
*Beer and Daquiries come in liters
*People are all people, no matter where you go or who you talk to
*Men are still men, going to another country doesn´t change them
*What they say about Italian men is true
*Germany makes no sense
*The American bases make even less sense
*Happy Hour makes a heck-of-a-lot of sense*
*There is nothing more powerful than mail, it can make me laugh, and more often than not, it can make my cry
*It´s allright to cry
*It´s allright to be scared
*It´s allright to miss things
*It´s allright to evaluate life
*But it´s not allright to hold back
*You don’t have to be in the States to be Thankful on Thanksgiving
*Austrians DON’T, and I mean DON’T like to be called Germans!
*The most memorable people we meet in life are only there a minute, whether in a cafe, a bar, or on a train
*It only takes one night to fall for someone
*Speaking German in Prague will only gain me enemies, not friends

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