Europe | Germany – The end of adjustments

Europe | Germany – The end of adjustments

So tomorrow will mark my two month anniversary of being here in Germany. Wow. two months, and what have i done? I have a fear I will let this year pass by without having seen it all, experienced every second, met every person, and lived every moment. But, I can only do what I can.

I have adjusted to life in Germany, but I am awaiting the homesickness I have heard so much about. I said my goodbyes, I cried my tears, and somewhere in the past two months I let go. I know this is where I am supposed to be, and I do not regret leaving my life behind. But it hasn’t been easy. Living with a bunch of german students has been an adjustment, we are on different pages, to put it lightly. At first I was scared of them, now i am indifferent.

Now that I am settled in I am on the job hunt. My free time has been consumed with reading and looking into places I want to see and experience. It seems as though every day the world becomes a little bit smaller and at the same time a little larger. And I have come to terms with the fact that travelling is not cheep, so I have to get to work.

As of now, that is my mission. Find work. In a pub, in a restaurant, in Amsterdam in the Red Light District–anywhere. So hopefully by the next entry I will have something to show for all my ramblings..

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