Europe | Germany – The Cure adventure

Europe | Germany – The Cure adventure

So I just got back from my two day travelling adventure… Wow, I am spent, but it was so much fun! But really, this is the coolest part of the week, and it was definitely journal worthy! I saw The Cure in concert! This might not sound so exciting, but trust me, it was the biggest adventure yet! Six of us ended up going, two people cancelled last minute… We started out meeting 7 am at the train station here, which meant i had to be cute by then, so it was an early morning! But then we travelled on seven different trains, the total trip took us nine hours and fourty five minutes!!! It was so crazy, we went all of germany! If we had taken the expensive train it would have been four hours, but we went the cheep route:) But yeah, as we were travelling, we were picking up cure fans from every town, and they are easy to spot!!! so there are all these people in black and chains with colored hair and mowhawks, your typical german 80s punkers… It was huge since The Cure wasn’t doing anymore tours, but they were doing a concert to open this new arena.. So we finally got there, after delayed trains and running through stations to catch late ones, and there was police everywhere. I guess there have been riots going on, and the police had been beating the protestors everywhere, but it didn’t have to do with the concert. So i was a little scared, wandering around Hamburg underground, homeless people following us, police staring at us with helmets and sticks, and cure fans scaring the heck out of me… but we got to the arena finally after a twenty minute walk in the rain. Now, about now I saw them checking for cameras, and I was not in the mood to have my camera taken from me, so i put mine down my pants in front (clever, i know) and when the chick patted me down, i made it through!!!

But even the concert was an adventure! We somehow were in the very front on the floor, they only let so many people up there, only a couple hundred out of the thousands, and we somehow made it! I was about a car away from the front of the stage, and it was intense… Nothing I thought I would ever be at, that is for sure. But I went for the experience, that is why I am here. I remember my last week at home before coming here to Germany. My dad was watching Saturday Night Live, and there was that skit where they were acting like they were Germans, dressed in black, dancing to techno. And my dad pointed it out to me, laughing, saying that’s where I was headed to. Little did I know, every single person there was out of the SNL skit, all black and black makeup, piercings out of every single orface… I stuck out like a sore thumb, but hey:)

At one point I went to get christi’s camera while they were doing an encore so we wouldn’t have to wait, and security had checked it… and somehow I got lost and ended up in this private bar under the bleachers, and then I went up these stairs I thought were the way out. But security caught me and tried to throw me out, and so i was out of the area and had to start all over again! i was like, come on, i am lost, i am not trying to kidnap the cure! but i had to go through everything to get back in, but it was crazy, looking around i felt like i was in a movie, it was definitely not a country concert!

but there wasn’t a train coming home until 6 am, so we decided to chill until then, it got over around 11…. oh my gosh, last night was straight out of hell… it was a few degrees above freezing, and we were homeless….. the train station is open, but covered.. we hung out in the station for a bit, then wandered the streets of hamburg looking at monuments, frozen, tired, and hungry… i recognized things from when i was there with GAPP, which was really cool.. our train even stopped in Luneburg, where britta lived…. but we eventually got into a subway that was closed, but warm, and the police ended up coming down and escorting us out, like we were bumbs! but we went back to the station, and there was this little room we went in and layed down on the floor… emily was against the trash can, i was leaning on her and my head was on sarah’s stomach, and her upper body was under the trash can…. and we layed there, freezing, until 5 am when mcdonald’s opened. it was honestly hell. we didn’t sleep… it was like in ‘adventures in babysitting’ at the train station. hell. pure hell. i am sitting here, cold, delerious, and still having flashbacks… we finally caught the 6 am train, and it took ten hours to get back, and when we got on the first one, there were a bunch of cure fans, and a couple dudes our age had their guitars, and played them at SIX IN THE FLIPPING MORNING… seeing that i only got a few hours of sleep friday night, it was all a blur, until a midget came by and said hello to us. i really thought i had cracked!!!!!!!!

so i just walked in the door, turned the heat on high as can be, and am a zombie. i have a paper to write for the morning, and it is 5 pm, but i haven’t went to bed… but i can’t move, just sit…. k, this was really random and long, but i am just rambling and rambling… too many random stories on weekends like these, i don’t even know what to say…i am going to crawl in my warm bed now and deal with the world later…. sounds like a good plan doesn’t it????

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