Europe | Germany | South | Heidelberg – Thanksgiving

Europe | Germany | South | Heidelberg – Thanksgiving

Alas, another holiday has come and gone… or at least, has almost gone… We started the holiday off with an AJY football game down by the river, what is Thanksgiving without football? Exactly:) But I had this grand idea to make a jersey, so Angie gave me a ratty old wife-beater, and I made a jersey… On the front it said


and my number was the euro sign, and with a few more decorations, along with pig tails, I was ready to go. So we played our hearts out and had a great time as people passed by, gave us odd looks, and wondered why the americans were off their rocker… And a few million bruises later, my team won! But we didn’t have long to get ready for dinner, so we all ran home. The AJY Thanksgiving dinner was at this nice restaurant. I was proud to see that we all cleaned up so nicely! Nothing like good company and celebrating those around us and those back home. Afterwards, our guests and us went back to the center and ate desserts us students had been making the last week… All in all, it was a special Thanksgiving, one I will remember, but I do hope that next year when it rolls around I will have family by my side…

I was always told this is when abroaders get the most homesick and this is when it is the toughest. I have adjusted, I am comfortable, and this cozy town has turned into home. So i guess I am supposed to be over the excitement of being here and miss home. Well, I hope to never get over the excitement of being here, but I will agree that this is home and I am comfortable. So the holiday season is here, and that only makes me more pumped to be here. Yet, when I called home today and sent thanksgiving messages out to people I love, there was a moment when I choked up.

Being gone, you know what is going on back home, but you don’t let yourself think about it too much… But when I could hear my family, even the dogs, being themselves on Thanksgiving day, I felt this tug somewhere deep down, wanting to be there with them, rather than in the center surrounded by awesome people eating dessert over candle light… I guess that is what it means when they say it gets rough. But as soon as I hung the phone up and walked back into the room with the other students and AJY people, I knew that was where I needed to be…

So I am all packed up and hoppping a night train to Vienne, Austria to have another Thanksgiving dinner with the Linfield group over there and see the sights… Another day, another adventure… Happy Travels until next time…

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