Europe | Germany – Paris, France

Europe | Germany – Paris, France

One of the greatest things about being in Germany is that it is surrounded by such fun and neat places to visit. Even when I am surrounded by tourists, I remind myself I am one of them, and we all just want to see as much of this world as we can…

So Kelly came all the way from Linfield to visit me, it was great!!! Having someone from back home just spunked up my week break! Getting her here was another story–but after a delayed plane, a storm, and a missed train, we met up and the adventure began!

Our biggest goal of the week was deciding where to visit.. Our top choices were Amsterdam, somehwere in nothern Italy, or Paris, France… And Paris won…

We went out the night we had to take the train to paris, which wasn´t the smartest idea on both sides of things!! we took a night train there and slept in these little tiny three high bunks, and there was a man below me that smelled and snored loud enough that he could have probably made the guiness book of world records:) oh well, i was in paris, couldn´t really explain! but we did all the touristy stuff, had a blast.

we brought cheese and bread and had a picnic in front of the eiffel tower, tough life! we stayed in a hostel in this totally sketchy area and some mean looking french ladies spat at us and tried to start a fight, don´t know what we did, but i don´t think they liked us!!! oh well, like i said, i was in paris, so i couldn´t complain! but it was nice to get back here… i even picked up some french along the way!

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