Europe | France – X Aix X

Europe | France – X Aix X

Our first stop in the south were the lavender fields of Aix. Okay, so it is February and nothing is in bloom, except for my sinus infection. How’s that for a painting a pretty picture in the birthplace of Impressionist painter Paul Cezanne? After about a 20 minute vertical hike,YES, straight uphill, no gentle slope, Shelley and I visited the artist’s studio (atelier en français). Everything is still intact…Paul’s coat and hat still hang in a corner and maybe the fresh fruit models are changed out occasionally.

I wonder if Aix means fountain, let’s pretend it does because there are fountains everywhere along the tiny winding cobblestone streets covered in moss. It is really picturesque and the stones have a warm glow to them, that is if you can see through the black stains from previous revolutionary damage I’m guessing.

Shelley and I went to Ash Wednesday service at Cathedral Saint Saveur which was also interesting for the fact that we got ashes dumped on our head instead of the little cross smudged on the forehead that I am accustomed to.

See Shelley’s page for pics and more details.

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