Europe | France | The North | Lille – Marie Paule’s House

Europe | France | The North | Lille – Marie Paule’s House

I would like to share some photos of Marie Paule’s house.

First is an outside view of the house. It is on a busy street, with Metro tracks right across the street from her house. The drive has a gate, and the house is set back a distance from the street, but you can still hear the Metro when it whishes by.

As you enter the front door, the first room to your left is the computer room. The first room to the right is the formal sitting room where the TV is. To continue down the hall, the staircase – extremely steep staircase – is on your left, followed by the door that leads down to the cellar. The next door on your right leads to another sitting area (connected to the front sitting area, but it somehow felt different). The last door on your left is the downstairs bathroom.

I don’t know exactly when this house was built, but I am sure it was before indoor plumbing was something you planned for. There are two toilets in the house, one here on the first floor for everyone who rents a room, and one on the second floor in Marie Paule’s bathroom. There is a shower stall here on the first floor, but it seemed to be used for storage for the vacuum.

At the end of the hall on the first floor is the kitchen area. On your left is the cooking area, and on the right is the kitchen table. This is where groups would hang out, not in the formal living room. The kitchen is painted in red, and has a glass sliding door that opens to her garden. There is also a glass ceiling that lets in a lot of light, making this a very pleasant place to hang out, especially if you were lucky enough to get the spot by the radiator.

The staircase leads to the second floor where you will find two bedrooms for renters and Marie Paule’s bedroom. There is a room that was remodeled into a bathroom – with a bathtub, shower, toilet and double sink. The shades of blue and white reminded me of the travel photos you would see of Greece, and I have no idea if Marie Paule ever visited Greece.

On the third floor, you find Mary Helen’s bedroom, and through it you find a tiny room that Geetu was living in while I was there (she moved down to the second floor later). Mary Helen’s room has a bed, desk, table, chairs, and space to sit in. Geetu’s room had a bed and a desk. I didn’t even notice where her closet was, it was so small. The benefit to Geetu’s room was she has a large window facing the street that she could open. Mary has two windows, but they are slanted on the ceiling, so you can’t open them as easily.

On the third floor, off of Mary Helen’s room you will find a small washroom. There is a sink, a mirror, and a shower cubicle that looks very out of place and one definitely knows that it was added at a later date than the rest of the house. There is no toilet on the third floor, so while I was staying here, there was no cup of water by my bedside because I didn’t want to have to make that very steep climb down to the first floor in the dark.

Back on the ground, the kitchen sliding glass door opened into Marie Paule’s garden. Marie Paule and I spent time pointing at plants here and saying their names, so I have included the pictures here.

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