Europe | France | The North | Lille – Cast of Characters

Europe | France | The North | Lille – Cast of Characters

I thought I would give you a run down on the main cast of characters:

Shelley: Me. A crazy, travel-crazed redhead who had some airline miles to use and a friend to visit.

Mary Helen Ibarra: I’ve known Mary since (probably) Spring of 1995 when we both worked at the Omni (IMAX) Theatre at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Of Mexican decent (of Bosque decent), and now teaching English to elementary school age kids in Lille, France.

Marie Paule Villian: Not as bad as her name makes her sound. She owns the house in which Mary Helen rents a room. Marie Paule is in her fifties, and has three children who have grown up and moved away. I think she enjoys renting out rooms so that it brings people into her home that she can be a mother to. She smokes like crazy (like a lot of French do). She loves her garden and African art things. She never had a dog, but her seat covers in her car have Scottie dogs on them; she also wears a silver Scottie dog necklace charm often.

Geetu [Gee-two] Vaswani: Geetu was born in India and lived half her life there before her family moved to Hong Kong. Rents a room from Marie Paul. She is in France teaching English to 11 – 15 year old students. A very sweet young lady who’s greatest complaint was the amount of smoke in the house.

Nicole Shapiro: She is and American who rents a room from Marie Paule. I never got to know her because she stays in her room, and comes down to the kitchen after we all have gone up.

Ben Crotty: Ben is from Washington State, and he is now teaching English to French people (kids out of high school and young adults). He doesn’t rent a room from Marie Paule, but he is there frequently and Marie Paule likes him as if he did and lets him stay over when it starts getting too late for him to take the Metro all the way home.

Aili [I-lee] Vatterott: Aili teaches German to young French kids at one of the schools where Mary Helen teaches English. Is said to be a normally nice person (when her boyfriend isn’t around). She is extremely overprotective and controlling of her boyfriend, which made her unbearable for me to be around (he isn’t normally there). Originally from the Eastern side of Germany.

Jan [Yan] Shnidewind: Aili’s boyfriend. Currently a political science student at a University in Germany. Seems very nice, and very intelligent, the conversations I managed to have with him before Aili came in and stopped them or spoke for him. His Father is from Brawnschweig, but now the family lives North of Hamburg, Germany.

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