Europe | France | Paris – Send me to a foriegn country, and I’ll find the IMAX

Europe | France | Paris – Send me to a foriegn country, and I’ll find the IMAX

I awoke this morning – in Paris! That is such a mind boggling thought, to wake up and know I’m in Paris.

Breakfast comes with the hostel room. The same food of pan, croissants, confecture, orange juice, coffee and hot chocolate, but buffet style so I can eat until by American stomach is sated.

I start with a walk by the Seine, and when my ankle started hurting, I found a “Big Red Bus” and rode around and looked like a tourist. From my perch on the top of the double decker bus, I saw the Louve, Tromp E’Liseae, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, lots of fancy-smancy window shopping, and lots of Paris. I was still worn out by the time I made it back to my district. I didn’t concour a French restaurant tonight, but I did successfully manage the grocery store.

For all the toursting I did yesterday (Monday) in Paris, I forgot to take my camera. Not so bad, in that I didn’t have to lug it around, and in that I didn’t feel required to take a picture of everything I saw yesterday. Today, Tuesday, I remembered by camera for my touristing.

My morning started with breakfast at the hostel. After breakfast I start again with a walk by the Seine. I walk over to Notre Dame to pick up the Red Bus, and ride to Trocadero Square. I disembark there and walk through the construction to find a Palais De Challot and the Jardins Du Trocadero (Trocadero Gardens). This Palace has a terrace around it that overlooks the Eiffel Tower, and from here you can take that classic picture of yourself in front of the Tower.

From here I walked over to the Eiffel Tower, and walked around underneath it. You can walk up the stairs to the top (Ha! I’m not that much of a health nut!) or you can take the elevator (which has a long line, because no one these days is healthy). It is cold enough on the ground level, so it is bound to be colder up there, so I keep on walking.

I walked through the Parc Du Champ De Mars and thought about the Parisian use of green space. You can find a lot of parks throughout the city, but the grass and trees are surrounded by fences, or at least benches, so that the implication is there that you are not actually supposed to touch the grass, just look at it.

Next on my list is the Science Museum. I am an IMAX freak, and I have managed to find something called the Geodome which I suspect will hold a hidden treasure inside for me – an OmniMax Theatre – a round IMAX theatre.

The Science Museum here is like many others I have seen worldwide, with lots of hands on activities that don’t need interpreting. The IMAX movie is featuring three horses, and how, although they were born at the same stable, they lived three very different lives.

Outside the museum is the Parc de la Villette, a parc that one of my classmates suggested that I visit. To sit down and enjoy the sunshine and watch the Parisians practice their “footbal”, was very relaxing. I am almost getting used to this town, just in time to leave.

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