Europe | France | Paris – One Last Day in Paris, and back to Lille

Europe | France | Paris – One Last Day in Paris, and back to Lille

I woke up this morning, my last morning in Paris, and tried to soak in the feelings of it. I set off after breakfast to a parc (park) across town that a friend of mine in the States had told me about. Parc Andre-Citron is a modern style in design. It has sections of design with different color themes. I am sure in the spring and summer when it is in bloom, it is a lovely sight. Even in the winter, the structure and design of the garden are evident.

It is a good place to sit and reflect on the trip. What I’ve done, what I’ve seen, friendships begun, friendships evolved, people at home, what I value and what I treasure most.

After some time of quiet reflection, it is time to head to the Garre North Train Station and to Lille. It is great to see Mary again and to find out that she is feeling better. We head to the house to do some speed packing. I take an inventory of how much space I have left in my suitcase and in my carry-on, along with how much space Mary needs for her things that I am taking back to the States for her, and then we head back into town for some last chance shopping.

We go to the mall near the Lille-Flanders train station. The first day I stepped into Lille, I’ve been seeing these wonderful beige boots with tooled leather and high spiked heels Oh yes, we’re going shoe shopping!!! We walk from store to store and try on a few, but I never seemed to find a pair that fit. We asked a saleslady about sizing up my feet. She measures them to find they are a 39 or 40, sizes I had tried on. Then we ask her is they come in different widths. She says they don’t. I am speaking in English with Mary, and Mary is speaking in French with the saleslady, and the saleslady believes all I can speak is English. She looks down at my feet in distain and tells Mary that I shouldn’t wear those “basketball” shoes all the time (they are dance sneakers, thank you very much) because they let my feet spread out. She suggests that I wear tighter shoes, and more constricting socks. She was telling me to bind my feet, I couldn’t believe it!

We continued to the CarreFour grocery store to stock up on food and souvenirs. We picked up some horse to try for dinner, and some souvenirs. Amongst my purchases were a coffee filter system, chicory coffee, chocolate, lots of cheese, and a really beautiful art-neovou bottle that just happened to be filled with l’abstenthe.

Marie Paule made a wonderful dinner of asparagus, stuffed tomatoes and stuffed zucchini. Desert was a tiramisu ice cream cake. A wonderful way to end my time here. Tomorrow I will get up early, have brunch, and travel back to Paris and Charles De Guelle Airport again by train, saying goodbye to France. I’m glad I came, but I will be glad to be home again.

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