Europe | France | Paris – A Tourist in Paris, Alone.

Europe | France | Paris – A Tourist in Paris, Alone.

Mary and I had a talk last night. She has been going blind in one eye since Aix-En-Provence, and I pulled by AchillesÂ’ tendon in Lourdes, and we’ve both been pulling ourselves along since then. We talked last night, and this morning I got on a train to go to Paris, and she got on a train to go home to Lille. She has seen Paris before, repeatedly, and she needs to go home and rest her eyes. I haven’t seen Paris, and I am not above riding the bus around town and looking like a tourist. So today we set off on our own ways.

When I arrived in Paris, I had to climb out of the depths of the train station to try to find the Metro system. The first time I emerged above ground and looked down the street to get my bearings, the view was of the Eiffel Tower. Welcome to Paris!

I found the youth hostel, which is only a couple of blocks from the Seine River in the Fourth Arrosdondment. The hostel is nice in that there are only four people in the room, all female. Each bedroom has beds, sinks and a shower, with a toilet down the hall. The rooms use a magnetic key system, so only the four of us have keys, versus some hostels where all rooms are unlocked.

I walk out to the Seine, and I try to soak in some “Paris”. Then I remember it is time for dinner, and suddenly I miss Mary. I’ve studied French, and I have a tiny dictionary, but the idea of going into a restaurant and ordering for myself sounds a little intimidating right now. I wander around my district a little to try to see what I might find for dinner. What I do find is a Japanese restaurant three blocks from my hostel, and I find the idea comforting. I spent two weeks in Japan this summer, and I became very comfortable ordering sushi in Japanese, so that is exactly what I did here. I don’t know how bad my accent was, but I got what I wanted, and it was good! Tomorrow, tomorrow I can start on my French.

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