Europe | France – HEY HEY READ ME! Im still alive…

Europe | France – HEY HEY READ ME! Im still alive…

Personal Note

Okay, so it’s more of a quarterly update, can you blame me?

I will just pick up from the last events that I can remember.

It’s easy to lose track of time when you have so much free time to roam around town in and gaze at all the beautiful architecture or stroll in the park, happy not to have a dog to chase or clean up after. Instead I prefer to drag my feet through thick layers of decomposed leaves avoiding mud puddles as I work my way to my favorite picnic bench in Lille’s old military park, La Citadelle. Its nice to sit there and ponder my existence or just be happy to be alive. Simple thoughts. I have given up my Texas sunglow for a pale northern France washed out look. Not that I really care, I just noticed. I know I won’t be able to do this forever but while I can, I will.

Not sure what happens next, but I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there.

I know it was just 2 weeks ago, but I have another 2 week vacation coming up in 4 weeks. LAST CALL!

I have until June 30th to teach so I’m going to try to see about coming home mid July.

I will be there to terrorize you all personally! Actually, I just hope you read these pages so I don’t have to repeat myself over and over.

I miss you all and thank you again for all you love and messages.

PS: try here

I hope to bombard you with more text in a few days… I am waiting for the photos to be approved so that you dont get big “PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE” window!

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