Europe | France – buddha 1 jesus 2

Europe | France – buddha 1 jesus 2

Knowing heaven with Deaths revenge

I have cheated death and shall not die.And would gladly give to another this burden i bear.Only now i realize ,that it is Death that takes care of me so well.So it can make heaven like Hell.

I am often thankful for my travels. As they say, it broadens the mind.I love history and live in the land of the Cathar. As little as 30 miles from me, is 2000 year old Roman history and an hour south, the oldest european man.I can change noticable climates in almost every direction in less than two hours.In the area are figs,leeks,chestnuts,the original peru purple potatoe,almonds,olives and grapes. All of which has been part of the landscape for 2000 years(except the purple potatoe).

There once was a guy that hovered just a centimeter above the earth, didn’t matter if it was land or water. Funny thing was , nobody noticed. So he thought he might teach a few others how do it too. He grew weary of being alone and always knowing what every one thought when he was among them. He saw rich and poor exactly the same,because they had to wipe dust off their feet . In fact , he had a hard time to find someone that he could teach. Everyone was so wrapped up in survival and looking up or down to other people. Which is why no one saw him.

One day he ran across a couple of fishermen and without them knowing, he showed them where the fish were to catch. They were so happy coming home , that suddenly they saw this guy on the shore waving at them..And so it began.

For those that have eyes , yet do not see.

There once was a city ( like all other cities)
it had become infested with RATS.. At first the rats were only in the streets and then finally they were so many that they would run across the beds at night and no one could any longer sleep. So the people gathered together and offed all of their money to anyone that could be rid of the rats..
And a man came and said that he would, for WHAT THEY OFFERED..
And the people gladly said please do , for we can no longer sleep..
So the man , took out his flute and played a tune that only the rats COULD HEAR. and they all followed him to the water’s edge and all drowned…
The man returns to the people and says now i wiull have what you offered. And the people said begone before we kill you, for we will not give up all of our money to you…
And then the man played a tune again that only children could hear and they all followed out of town and were never seen again…

Interesting that the flute player was a children’s bedtime story.

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