Europe | France – Bordeaux

Europe | France – Bordeaux


Continuing with my interest in wine, Shelley and I hopped on over to the riverbanks or “bords d’eaux” of, you guessed it! Bordeaux! Okay, that was dumb. The noble 18th century city seems even more distinguished because of the dark, almost black stone edifices that give them a somber yet commanding aura. It turns out that these are primarily limestone buildings experiencing a natural chemical reaction, ahem, how about, exposure to the pollution/elements. (I know I am a wordy dork, sorry) Anyway, there are cranes and ‘men at work’ signs everywhere as the city tries to clean up and restore the white stone and other structures.

In spite of all this, that’s not where the wine was.

About 20 minutes out of the city center was the visit to the tiny, yet charming medieval

village of Saint Emilion. Not just vineyards but also Europe’s largest subterranean church. Translation: The Benedictine monks carved a church into a rock over the course of 3 centuries. It is not as big as Notre Dame or anything, in fact you might not even be impressed when you see it, but if I myself had to carve a church into a rock, I don’t think I would have to stamina or desire to make it that big either!

The vines are not green at this moment so instead I focused on the stone buildings and more narrow steep pathways. I participated in a organized wine tour but the true pleasure was the warm welcome of shop owners as I wandered in and out of wine shops with more samples than I could ever …uh sample.

See Shelley’s page for pics and more details

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