Europe | France – April Break – Going West

Europe | France – April Break – Going West

Hello all!
Okay, so I slowly begin to publish in edible portions the pics and details of my whereabouts last month. Here goes! Thanks for reading…more to come.
Ciao Ciao Babies!

I am so satiated at the end of a trip, thank goodness I scribble notes and save receipts so that I remember where the heck I have been !

So this time my goal was to explore “Bretagne”, or as we Anglophones call it Brittany.
I must cross the Normandy region to get there and by nightfall I am in the middle of Nowhere, USA: Hesdin France.
I only slept there since there was not a word about it in my guide book. I found the only hotel in town, heavily perfumed of citrus cleaner, thus giving me the impression that it was sterile or they were trying to cover something up. Whatever, I will just close my eyes and wait til morning. Sunshine comes to wake me accompanied by rumbling traffic of diesel trucks outside my window. First thought…food. Get dressed, get out and find lunch in the next town.

No pics here since I was momentarily paralysed drooling over a squad of volunteer firemen settling down in the table in front of me. Oh ! La! La! Made me want to volunteer to go over and make new friends! Ha!
Oh yes, Neufchatel = GOAT CHEESE. Look for it next time at your local grocers. Yum!

Rolling right along, next is FECAMP.
WOW. Kind of difficult to find your way around at first. Found a park & asked two little old ladies for directions to the cliffs. GEEZ! You’d swear I had asked them theirs thoughts on the theory of evolution! They both had different routes on how to get there and I am sure they were both right. Nodding and smiling while taking backward steps I began to head in the general direction that they had indicated.
Old people are funny sometimes, gotta love ‘em! (yeah yeah, I know that someday I will be old too blah blah blah)
After a long and uphill winding road…up!up!up! A breathtaking view! The elephant trunk cliffs of Etretat on one side, (déj? vu on my last trip) and the iridescent colors of the sky and sea in pink and blue reflected on the other side of the pale white cliffs.

There are a gazillion religious ties to every place in Europe…so without trying to be blasphemous or sacrilegious in any way, I will try to briefly pinpoint all the claims to fame along the way.

FECAMP: Bishops argue over the dedication of the local church so a messenger angle comes to settle the dispute. How do know this is true? Because the angel left a footprint behind. Yup, I saw it! Really, really. It was small, about the size of my foot actually.Hmmmm…?

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