Europe | Estonia | Haapsalu – Haapsalu

Europe | Estonia | Haapsalu – Haapsalu

Hey all!

I always thought you had to be a proper writer to get writers block but I guess that’s not entirely true. Fortunately, I have found a solution, a good solution to most everything and that is to drink a couple of beers before – or during – my sessions with the computers. Yes, yes, I know it’s no real solution and could of course create more problems but I consider myself an alcoholic in training already so…! Actually one problem here in Lietuva (Lithuania) is that the keyboards have Russian characters as well as the ones I am used to… sometimes 3 or 4 characters to a key… so after a while the typing gives me a bit of a headache (I refuse to believe it’s the beer!)

So where was I… oh yes, Tallinn the capital of Eesti (Estonia)… my last night (which was also my first nite!) I joined an English couple in some beers in the Old Town. We tried to be adventerous and strike out for a local pub but the one we did find had its doors locked and even though they were still serving we were too shy to try too hard to get in. The shop owner we asked for advice just directed us back to the tourist bubble of the Old Town so we gave in and paid too much for our beer. Cheap by British standards, about right by Australian.

The next morning after discovering that my alarm clock would only wake the lightest of sleepers (which I am not!) I hurried to get my stuff together and headed for the bus station. This was to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship… I hope! Restriction on time is something I absolutely loathe and I much prefer an average speed of below 10km/h but time being a major factor on this trip, the lack of it that is, I just have to accept the constraints on my time and deal!

Arrived in Haapsalu at the beautiful old railway station, an old wooden building with a 200m long platform and intricate, detailed work on the platform. There has been a little renovation… well, a coat of paint… on the side of the building that faces the street but the platform side is all dried out, grey, flakey wood… and loads of character.

Picking up supples at the supermarket was a bit of a trauma due to a preoccupation with carbonated water and my inability to read Estonian… some poeple are going to be very dissapointed when they find their water is flat… oops! The town is just full of beautiful old wooden buildings in many colours and various states of repair. White trimming on the doors and windows, balconies that look only slightly structually unsound.

I pottered around for a couple of hours before heading to a park behind the railway station by the water. On the way I passed a beautiful old building by the water painted sifferent shades of green and white.. all deserted though which seems a shame. Eating my luch at the park a couple of women cycle down to the water, strip off and dive in… thats game! I have an adversion to cold water especially of such dubious cleanliness.

This story would have been much longer but I have been distracted by a drunken Dutchman talking about Robbie Williams’ underwear… it resulted in much amusing messaging back and forth across cyberspace but as a result I’ve had too many of those anti-writers block beers and now have writers block again.

There’s a message in that for all of us.

xoxo Danielle

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