Europe | Denmark – Coming Home

Europe | Denmark – Coming Home

Coming home has been as strange as leaving had been. My husband met me at the airport, but left for Scotland the next day for work. I have been in a bit of a fog really. I think one might call it reverse culture shock. I have spent the past 4 months in a very poor place complete with flies, filth and foul air. Yet, it undoubtedly became my home. I learned how to live there. I made friends there. I had a real life there.

Now I am back here in Denmark and the streets are clean. The thing is, I have nowhere to walk to and hardly anyone to visit. The Danes seem to close themselves off to outsiders, while the Nepali people open up to strangers with great ease. I have been feeling really alone here and have wanted to just get back on the airplane and head for Thamel to have tea with my friends. I feel an empty spot inside and I have no idea how to fill it up again. A girlfriend of mine told me a native american proverb which I can’t remember, but it was something about the fact that if a person’s body travels by horse, the soul can not keep up and it will be sometime before it catches up to the body again. I think they are perhaps right about that. Unfortunately, in an airplane it is difficult to leave a trail of breadcrumbs so I am not sure if that piece of my soul will ever make it back to me. I think I am going to have to go to it.

My whole adult life, I have been travelling. Since I moved to Denmark and got married, I found I had settled a bit. This trip seems to have reignited the wanderer in me and I am not content to just sit here. I have been home a week now and my bags are still waiting to either be unpacked or carried back to the airport. I spoke at length with my husband and decided to apply to a school in Cairo for a short 1 month course to obtain a Cambridge certificate for teaching English. I got a reply today that they are trying to decide on a time for a telephone interview and I have my fingers crossed that they accept me.

I have never been to Egypt before and am really excited about the possibility. It may be a little strange at first, but everywhere is in its own way. Just imagine, if they accept me then I will be living 15 miles from the great pyramids for at least a month’s time. Ahhhhh yeah, there’s the feeling I like. I have always wondered what it is that makes some people content to stay in one place while the mere thought of travel makes other’s blood race. The simple possibility of going to Egypt has broken a bit of the fog I have been in since my arrival back here in Copenhagen. Hopefully, the next article you read by me will be coming to you from the desert in a couple weeks time!!!

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