Europe | Czech Republic | Prague – Eurobound!!

Europe | Czech Republic | Prague – Eurobound!!

It’s been nearly two years from my return abroad and I havent been outside of the country since. Shame on me. Considering I went to Europe every year for 8 years in a row, it’s a bit shocking I realize (at least to me). I got back from my travels, I was ready to settle in and sleep in the same bed at night and become grounded once again in real life. I dont regret that decision either. It takes stamina to travel solo for extended periods of time, I know what to do differently for the future. This year, my goal was to spend more time in my own country and in particular, my backyard; California. Looking back it’s been a great year. In May, I randomly started to learn how to rockclimb, it wasnt something I had planned to do, just fell upon it and got hooked.

Here’s the tally of climbing weekends and/or road trips (doesnt include business or personal travel with no outdoor adventures) since May:

Joshua Tree,CA 2 x
Yosemite, CA 1 x
Kern River rafting 2 x
The Needles, CA 1 x
Moab, Utah 1 x
Eldorado Springs, CO 1 x
Ojai/Sespe camping 1 x
Wheeler Gorge, CA 1 x
Malibu State Park 1 x
Echo Cliffs, Malibu 1 x
1 5 mile race
1 10 mile race

With great anticipation, I have a renewed passport and on Friday I head to Europe for 2 weeks; Germany, Austria and Prague. I will post pics. Ive been blogging…just not here. I think, I blog.

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