Europe | Croatia | Pula – A trip to the seaside

Europe | Croatia | Pula – A trip to the seaside

Pula is a small seaside resort in Istria, northern Croatia . The Romans were here about two thousand years ago. I arrived in on Tuesday on a bus from Rijeka.

Years after the Romans, Pula was ruled by Venice. So there’s a definite Italian flavour. Even the street signs are in Croatian and Italian. There’s Piazzas. And loads of icecream.

There’s plenty of Roman ruins. My favourite was the amphitheatre. All four stories are still standing. There’s a triumphant arch at the end of the main street and a temple in the forum. There’s also a pretty garden filled with bits of old rock. It’s not Rome, but it’s scenic enough.

There’s also a 17th century Venetian citadel in the centre of the town, with a rickety old tower overlooking the harbour. And a meagre display of naval artefacts. But you don’t come to Pula to spend hours indoor in a museum.

You go to the beach. And splendidly, my hostel was right on it. As soon as I checked in, I dumped my stuff and jumped in. Every day began with a nice bathe. The food there isn’t the best, it’s full of noisy kids, and a guy in my dorm kept shouting in Swedish in his sleep, but it’s really all about location.

As for the eating, I’m getting rather fond of Burek. It’s a greasy layered pie filled with meat or cheese and it’s very popular in these parts. It’s kinda chewy and it’s cheap and filling but that’s no reason to get hooked. Still I expect I’ll grow out of it.

Pula is a pleasant, relaxed resort town with great beaches, Roman ruins and German tourists. The people are nice, especially the ladies. The weather was super. 4 euros gets you pizza and a beer. I met some people from my old college. It’s a nice place to spend a few days, but I can’t lie on a beach forever. I’m red enough as it is. Next stop Slovenia.

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