Europe | Bulgaria | Varna – Beach bum Bulgaria

Europe | Bulgaria | Varna – Beach bum Bulgaria

Surf’s up on the Black Sea. That’s why I haven’t written….ok, there are storms every night but by day the water is clear, blue, green and clean – anything BUT black. Today I did battle with the waves until the lifeguard put up the red flag and called everyone back to shore. My ancestors very well might have sailed across these waters; I doubt any of them swan in it.

There are different stories amongst the locals about the origins of the name ‘Black Sea.’ Someone said it was because sailors would crash and people were always in black, mourning their losses. Others say the Greeks first named it, and as the Greeks did not sail that could not have been the reason. They say it is unpredictable – storms can come up all of a sudden. That is believable. Last night on Varna beach Sexton and I sat at a restaurant drinking beer and trying to decipher the Cyrillic menu. We could see rain far off, over the sea; the wait staff knew what to do. They swifty moved the customers under the solid awning rather than umbrellas, removing condiments and table cloths. The rain hit hard and poured as we ate our chips and fried muscles. And drank Ouzo that looked like crystals…and had a hairy time getting the bus where the conductress wore a red and black polka dot minidress.

During the day the sun’s been mixed with clouds and fierce winds. Still, I’ve had enough sun, sea and salt to not be able to say exactly what we have been doing, other than enjoying ourselves. If you want a break from heavy travel, stop by the Black Sea coast. We’ve been staying in Hotel Kalina, booked via ‘hostel world’. Though not quite as luxurious as hotel Kalinka in Kavarna, it’s a nice place and not too long a walk from a pretty good resort area. I wouldn’t go on a 2 week package holiday (here or anywhere else for that matter) but as a couple day’s relaxation it’s pretty good.

I did take in a few museums in Varna (and used my compass for the first time – Bulgarians have just introduced numbers on houses – they have yet to add street signs) but will catch up on all that later…

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