Europe | Austria | Upperaustria – Together

Europe | Austria | Upperaustria – Together

Ulrichsberg, 28th June, 2001

Folks, it’s getting really serious! Just a couple of days to go, I started to count hours! I can’t wait to get out of here! A dozen of people ask me every day stuff like ‘When are you leaving’ – Are you already back’ Aren’t you afraid of travelling alone,… In the beginning it was sort of fun, but now I’m happy when I’m finally on the plane!

Using the bus every day to get to work gives me the freedom to think about a lot of things. One of the past days, sitting in the bus – I was daydreaming – and I came up with this idea of how I should report to the community – to YOU.

I don’t just want to report to community, write a story every week and that’s it. I want an ongoing discussion! I want YOU to send me messages, questions, information’s, or whatever YOU want to tell me. I want to know who is going to read my reports and what YOU think about them. I’m looking forward to your suggestions, your impute, or even your critics. I will try to answer your questions in my reports or personal.

You live in one of those places I’m travelling to – or are there at the same time? Why not meet? Why not team up for a while? I think the best guide is a local. I think meeting and talking to people is the best way of getting a ‘feeling’ for a country and the culture.

I don’t want the whole thing to be an ‘one-men-show’ – it should be YOUR report as much as it is my report.

One final word: I won the competition by entering pictures – not by my not so glorious writing . I guess most of you already realised that I’m not a ‘Native Speaker’. But I promise you to do my best! And – Look forward to the pictures – because I’m going to use my camera till it breaks!

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