Europe | Austria | Upperaustria – Looking back…

Europe | Austria | Upperaustria – Looking back…

Almost three weeks are gone since I got back from my trip to Thailand and Australia. Back in the so called “normal world”. I’m working again, nothing really changed, feels like going back to work after a normal “vacation”. I thought like that for the first few days, but then I realised, the people haven’t changed, its me that thinks and feels different. I started to write this lines a few days after I returned, then I decided to wait a few more days, now three weeks are gone, and I want to finish this lines.

It’s hard to describe the feelings that I went through the last months. Starting with the feeling when I first got the news that I won the trip, the feeling when I arrived in Thailand, the moments I sat somewhere and watched the sun rising or setting, the feeling when I saw planes crashing into buildings and changing the world within seconds. I had everything on this trip, wonderful moments, sad moments, moments of fear, moments of relief. Many times of saying “Hello” to complete strangers and “Good Bye” to friends. Travelling means to handle changes, every day, it means to trust, to decide within a few minutes if you can go along with someone or not. If I wouldn’t be able to trust, I wouldn’t’ be able to travel.

I thought about when this all started, and I there for had to go back more then 1,5 years, when I first got the Email to join Worldsurface. I was amazed by the concept, asked myself if this could work, who would win the competition. I had no clue that I would become one of the first people to travel for Worldsurface.

I want to thank the people that made this whole thing come true, Ralph, Simon, Julian, and all the other people that made Worldsurface come true, the whole community, the people who I was in contact with during my trip, the people I met on my trip and finally Joanne, who sent me the email to join the Community on the 11th of July 2000. A special day for me, it’s a day that definitely changed my life.

I want to finish this lines with my favourite quote:

Don’t waste the best time of your life, waiting for the best time of your life.

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