Europe | Austria – Global Reporter: Pre Report

Europe | Austria – Global Reporter: Pre Report

Austria, 23rd of June 2001

I just got back from the Birthday-Party of my brother who’s going to Mexico next week. We probably take off on the same day at the same airport! I thought it’s time for a little pre report about the things happening before I leave Austria.

About one week to go, and I don’t even feel excited… – STRANGE… I guess no one of you can understand that, but for me it has always been that way. Well – there is one special minute of excitement – when the plane takes off and I know that I’m going to do ‘that trip’ for real and that’s an very intense moment!!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take a short break from Austria, before I finally leave my home country for three months. There was just one place to go – London. So I spent four wonderful days on my own, cruising around the city by bus, enjoying a day in the Hyde Park and in the British museum and walking along the river Thamse. The youth hostel (near earl’s court) was full of people from Australia, so I got a useful knowledge about the Australian accent – quiet different from the British or American accent which I was used too.

Last week I got another vaccination, the second “Japan encephalitis injection. That was the last one in a long row which started about three months ago!

These are the decease’s I’m (hopefully) resistant against:
Cholera (oral), Hepatitis A+B (3 injections), typhoid, diphtheria (1 injection – combination of typhoid and diphtheria), Japanese encephalitis (3 injection). For Hepatitis A+B and Japanese encephalitis you need two injections to be resistant, the third one is to get a three year protection.

I will also take a Malaria stand-by medications with me (Malarone, but I think its only available in Austria). Since I’m travelling to different countries and there is a different Malaria-medication for every country, the doctor suggested that I just take the stand by. The cost for all the vaccination is around 250 Dollars.

I got my tourist-visa for Australia, I don’t need a visa for Thailand, Malaysia and Laos.

To use the words of Peter Paul and Mary, All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go!

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