Central America | Panama – Kristen’s Wish List

Central America | Panama – Kristen’s Wish List

This entry is only for the people who keep asking me what they can send. Everyone else please disregard it.
My address is:

Kristen Arbuckle
Cuerpo de Paz
Entrega General
Estafeta de Paitilla 55-2205
Panama, Republica de Panama

**please note I used to have the address up here for the post office in David. Since some of my packages got stolen, and other PCVs have been having to bride the workers to get their packages, I don’t want to use that post office anymore. So please send things to this address, the PC HQ. And let me know if you recently sent anything to David, so I can be on the lookout for it. Thanks!**

Want to I really miss from the states? Here is stuff I need and am constantly lacking, and stuff I just like:

1. Crispy M&Ms! (the kind in the blue package)
2. dried fruit
3. AA batteries
4. hand sanitizer (the kind that needs no water)
5. Us Weekly magazine
6. Oxy or Stridex pads (something to clean my face with when there is no water)
7. Sunscreen (the higher the SPF the better, waterproof, sweatproof. Its hard to find quality stuff here)
8. Oil of Olay (with sunscreen)
9. Bug repellant (spray on, with a very high percentage of DEET. I know, this is unhealthy, but I tell you, the bugs here can be MEAN!)
10. pictures! of you! and your families and babies! I love seeing these!

Thanks a billion, you can never know how exciting it is to get a package! Lots of love and besos and brazos to you!

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