Central America | Nicaragua – Managua and the Pueblos, Nicaragua

Central America | Nicaragua – Managua and the Pueblos, Nicaragua

I find Granada to be incredibly charming. The Nicas are incredibly amiable and lovely. The weather is something to be desired, however, as it is hotter than heck. Every evening the locals come out of their homes and spend the cooler moments chatting in their rocking chairs with family and friends.

The market here reminds me of Antigua, Guatemala with its fresh fruits, vegetables and meat sections filled with dead chicken feet, cow tongues, hearts, and you name it. The view of the lake is breathtaking.

After spending a few days enjoying Granada, I headed to Managua and several surrounding pueblos with a Costa Rican family. Managua is a run down, unattractive city filled with the remnants of Nicaragua’s troubled past. The smaller pueblos were charming with cake colored churches and buildings…lemon yellow paint with buttercream white trim, or lime walls with lemon yellow trim.

There are huge expanses of space and nothingness in this country. The trip between one city to the next reveals green countryside scattered with shacks, grazing cows, goats and chickens. This country is charming.

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