Central America | Nicaragua – Granada, Nicaragua

Central America | Nicaragua – Granada, Nicaragua

I am in Granada, Nicaragua and loving this beautiful town. I enjoyed Tamarindo, and appreciated being in a larger town with more to see and do. In retrospect, I would have preferred to have spent time there learning to surf and not in Sta Teresa. In Tamarindo, the surf can be small (1 or 2 ft) and easy to walk out to. It is the perfect place for beginners and doesnt require a lot of effort. The Surfers have spots outside of the town where they surf the large waves.

The trip to Nicaragua was exhilarating. I travelled with my 2 surfer friends and we took a bus to Liberia, Costa Rica then negotiated a price for a pirate taxi to the border (meaning illegal, a Tico in a crappy little car on its last leg). The guys stuffed their boards and surf gear in the front seat and trunk and we squeezed in the back seat for the hour plus drive to the border. We parted ways after crossing the border as I decided I had already spent 3 looong weeks on the beach with pot smoking surfers and had had enough surf talk…yawn…serious boredom was setting in. I made a personal discovery that Im not a surfer and dont have any interest in becoming one. I took a bus to Granada instead.

Granada is beautiful, a little history for you on this city. It was once the Spanish jewel of Central America and was founded in 1524 by the Spanish conquestors. Its architecture is spanish colonial and is a mix between Antigua, Guatemala (colorful, spanish style) along with a flare of plantation, similar to New Orleans. It has a lovely central square, cathedral and central market and is located on Lake Nicaragua which is a huge lake that extends to the Atlantic. At night, people sit in their rocking chairs on the sidewalk outside their front door chatting. I am refreshed to be back in a country that feels latin again, this place reminds me of Guatemala. Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in Central America after Haiti.

Im very happy to be out on the road again. I had a huge smile on the bus (more like Guatemalan chicken buses) as I felt the wind on my face and the familiar sound of merengue blaring with people crammed in the seats. I could feel and hear the sound of adventure once again…

Please note, since I still do not have a camera, I met an American couple at the border, Ashley and Scott, who were kind enough to share their photos with me.

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