Central America | Mexico | Yucatan Peninsula | Yucatan | Merida – The Caribbean Calls

Central America | Mexico | Yucatan Peninsula | Yucatan | Merida – The Caribbean Calls

I write during my last day in Merida. Tomorrow I head for the caba?as of Tulum.

Unbeilevable that just a week ago I was in the middle of an anti-war demonstration in Mexico City. Time stretches when you travel, life filled with so many new experiences.

Today I did the Ruta Puuc — a day-trip from Merida encompassing five Mayan sites in the Puuc style (one of the earliest styles), including the region’s second most impressive site (after Chichen Itza), Uxmal. Uxmal’s centerpeice is a towering pyramid, the highest I’ve seen so far. I crawled behind its stairs into a dark passageway, feeling the ghosts of a thousand years ago.

I finished my first week of school yesterday. The more I learn, the less I know. Now that I have moved into different verb tenses and have acquired some vocabulary, the tortured sentences I was pleased to produce a week ago no longer suffice. I want to be able to communicate.

I’m sad to leave my hostel (Nomadas Hostel). It is a small, welcoming, laid-back place, feeling more and more like home. Yesterday I did laundry by hand at a stone sink in the late afternoon sun, jungle plants waxy and green around me. Then in the evening we were serenaded by Julio and Adele from Mexico City, he on acoustic guitar and she with flute and a lovely voice, gentle music filling the patio while 20 or so of us sat entranced, a soft breeze caressing us.

This week was Semana Santa, high holidays in Mexico. I hear all Yucatecans are at the beach, but I’ve decided to head there despite the possible crowds. It’s time to get out of the city (small and charming tho it is) and get to the beach…

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