Central America | Mexico | Pacific Coast | Sinaloa | Mazatlan – El Medio Maraton de Mazatlan

Central America | Mexico | Pacific Coast | Sinaloa | Mazatlan – El Medio Maraton de Mazatlan

I’m still here! It’s going to be tuff to exchange the conveniences and luxuries of Mazatlan for the pains and demands of cycling. On the other hand I am a bit antsy to push on and move farther down the continent. I ran the 1|2 marathon yesterday. It was great! I believe there were 4000 entries for both the half and full.

I had only a week to train for the run in a pair of new running shoes that produced some pretty nasty blisters, but blisters are a small price to pay for the energy I experienced. A Mexican took first place for the second year running, a Kenyon runner came in second but I don’t have times or any other stats.

It wasn’t the best-organized event I’ve been to. I was told that buses would be running up and down the malecon (the road paralleling the sea wall) to pick up runners and transport them to the start as the malecon made up half the route and would be closed to traffic.

At 5:30am I was out on the malecon and did not see any of these buses. I walked up the road until I spotted some city workers and in my best Spanish asked about the buses. They used their radios and spoke with a dispatcher who knew nothing about the buses. A patrol car dropped by and could offer no help either. I felt a bit of panic as my morning edged closer to the 6:30 start. I had to find the locker tent when I got there and get a decent start position and time was running out.

The guy I spoke with went and asked the driver of a dilapidated old city truck if he would run me up. The driver was asleep on the front seat. When he opened the truck door to wake the driver, a beer bottle rolled out onto the ground. He quickly tucked it in behind the seat and I pretended not to notice.
It took a bit of effort but he managed to get the driver in gear and off we set. I had to hold the passenger door closed as it would not latch on its own but I sure appreciated the ride. Despite a disrupted siesta the driver was happy to oblige and by the time we hit the start line the tuck was packed full of runners. We stopped probably 20 times and picked up people who I’m guessing also expected bus transport.
Holding closed the door of a rickety old truck being driven by a drunken city worker at 5:30 in the morning is an experience I am very grateful for. The bus would have been too easy and uneventful.

At the finish of the race we were given a package which contained food, Gatorade and cervaca! It didn’t take long to open the can of Pacifico and despite being 8:00am it tasted like more. I watched the first runners cross the line and headed for my casa. A bunch of us loaded up a beer cooler, gathered beach gear into Chris4s truck and spent the day in the sand. Later that night after supper I went to a beach side bar with a couple of female guests from the guest house I4m staying at and drank tequila until they closed. From there we returned to the side of the pool and carried on.

Life here is very tough, fortunately it will change course tomorrow when I head out on my bike. But it will be a small change because my bike is going onto the bike rack of Chris4s van. A few of us are heading to prime beach side camping a little ways south of here. Chris is an American who with his Mexican girlfriend owns the guesthouse.
I know this has to end some day but I am not going to rush it. In all honesty I will probably be on the road riding solo fully packed on Wednesday…..or Thursday.

Stay well and live great!
Love Peace and Adventure, Gazoo

Next Destination: south
Weather: Sunny, 28 degrees
Odometer: 5000kms still
Flat Tires: 2,

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