Central America | Mexico | Pacific Coast | Guerrero | San Patricio-Melaque – Bugs in the Jungle

Central America | Mexico | Pacific Coast | Guerrero | San Patricio-Melaque – Bugs in the Jungle

Melaque is a very quaint little beach town. I am spending an extra day here to try and recover from a bug that I caught. It4s probably more accurate to say, ‘A bug I ate’. I stayed in Sayulito for a few days on a very nice beach just north of here and planned to leave on Friday. On Thursday however as I sipped on tequila with my friend Chris I made a command decision to add another day for repair, should it be necessary.

Good thing I did. When I woke the next morning I felt a bit shaded from the day/night but after a quick shower I was fine. Until I walked into town that is. I went for breakfast and started experiencing intestinal cramping. I barely made it through breakfast and the whole time I sat there I plotted my escape should that become necessary.

On my way back down the beach the cramps intensified. I knew it wasn’t from the tequila. For the rest of the day I alternated between the bathroom and my tent. I couldn’t eat or drink. I took some pepto bismol and later Imodium. Later that evening my friend Marisa forced me to drink some juice and made me some food. I managed to eat a piece of toast although it took about 30 minutes. When I went back to my tent Marisa brought her mothers remedy of hot rice milk. The rice milk seemed to have the greatest effect, leave it too Mexican culture to cure Mexican borne ailments. The next day I rose with little energy but felt strong enough to pack up and try a day on the road. We parted ways with hugs, handshakes and sincere words. I was a little apprehensive about travelling in compromised condition alone but I considered it another test. I got on the road and sweat so bad I4m sure I left a trail. After an hour I stopped to consume a power bar, MMMMMM, and a gallon of water. When I dismounted my steed I thought I was going to pass out and again thought thru survival plans. I was not close to any town but as I walked around and ate my bar I achieved little relief and decided to carry on. The nutrients kicked in a little ways down the road and I felt some recovery of both faculties and energy.

I made it too my destination past Puerto Valletta. I felt that a good nights sleep would bring me back to 100%. The next day I was maybe 85% back to normal and good thing. I spent the entire morning climbing a beautiful mountain pass, slowly, very slowly. I covered over 120km4s that day and was quite happy with my accomplishment. Again I thought a good nights sleep and surely I4ll be back to 100%.
Yesterday I quickly learned my prediction was wrong yet again. It took me almost 8 hours to cover 80km4s. I had to cross another good pass in the latter stage of that 80k but the fact was I had zero power all day, nothing. So I am taking some time off until I feel my energy recovered.

The mainland of Mexico is beautiful! Very lush vegetation painting a mountainous jungle terrain that intermittently touches on the shores of the Pacific coast. There is very little litter when compared to the Baja and there is very little road kill. In fact I don4t remember seeing any dog or cattle remains the whole way down although I4m sure there must be. I have seen armadillos for the first time and what I believe are badgers; unfortunately they had tire tracks across them. I have also seen the flattened remains of large snakes with predominant jowls, which I understand suggests they are venomous. There is a constant scampering in the roadside brush as I spin past but the only animals I’ve seen rushing about have been salamanders. There are plenty of parrots about although I’ve only seen them in restaurants and motel lobbies I’m sure they are native to the surrounding jungle because they sell them at roadside stands. The pelicans continue to provide sunset showings of their diving abilities and numerous other birds, not common to my native north adorn the skies and sing their songs to my pleasure.

I am having a great adventure down here. Thanks for all the responses and remember to wear your rain gear for some, parkas for the others but smiles for all.
Cheers Beers and Adventure, Gazoo

Next Destination: south
Weather: beautiful, very hot
Odometer: 5,210kms
Flat Tires: 2

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