Central America | Mexico | Istmo & Gulf of Mexico – Goodby to the Carrabbeen hello to Guatamala

Central America | Mexico | Istmo & Gulf of Mexico – Goodby to the Carrabbeen hello to Guatamala

The caribean was paradise. Dark new moon was the perfection for the dance of the fireflies one nite experience and then the next a meteor shower, moving in all directions ,brillant,bright for long viewing.The tan is on. The sun is warm. It is becomeing interesting gathering the feel of international people on their feelings of the U.S. since the election. For the first time it is seen and expressed that is is hard for them to seperate goverment and the people.It is hard for them to comprend WHY anyone would vote Bush again..


Magic, magic,magic——-That´s the theme so far mi amigos.

We left Cancun heading for La Playa- On the bus ride to Tulum I was wondering if it was going to be difficult deciding if we should stay in town or on the beach. First person off the bus helps with that decision. She’s a young gal, speaks excellent English (ex patriot actually) and she let’s us know the pros and cons of staying in town and then gives us a discount slip of paper for the Tulum Tribal Village——–Do we look like the “tribal village” type–Hell Yes!! And what a wonderful experience it was. Thatched roof caba?as right on the beach, Awesome folks mainly from Europe, flute and guitar music in the evening, warm gentle breakers (almost big enough to body surf on)–I could go on and on, — so I will. Beautiful walk late at night with guess what ——Fireflys!! I have not seen fireflys in many many years—but wait, there’s more!!!
I don’t know who’s asteroid belt our planet happened to be going through, but whoever it was left behind a huge passel of space debris. The shooting stars were so bright and so numerous it was hard to keep count, sometimes as many as ten or fifteen a minute!?! I was totally humbled by the magnificent glory of our Universe. One of our com padres at the beach put together a street music party in Tulum at an Italian Restaurant -Big Fun!!

Two days an the beach and it’s time to start thinking about getting to our destination—wherever that may be. First step is to get to Guatemala. We took an afternoon bus to Chetemul a fairly large Mexican City. When we got there after reading the bus schedule I realized we had 12 minutes to catch a 6:00 bus to Flores which was perfect for us because this time we did not have a desire to “experience” (and it is an expedience) Belize City. So after tapping my foot, practicing mindfulness while the guy in front of me took twenty minutes to buy one ticket we went from rush rush to kick back and relax because the bus did not leave until 6:00 A.M.!!
We had a mellow evening, some music, some playing with kids in the station and a few hours sleep, then off for a seven hour trip to Flores——Two frontiers——–You pay to get out of Belize, and you pay to get into Guatemala—–It´s all Good!

I will take this journal up agian in Flores, at the moment we are in Antigua–Que Bien!!

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