Central America | Mexico | Istmo & Gulf of Mexico – Still @[email protected] in San Pedro Guatemala (Manaña for the moving about)

Central America | Mexico | Istmo & Gulf of Mexico – Still @[email protected] in San Pedro Guatemala (Manaña for the moving about)

The last edition of this journal implied that after our three weeks of nose to the grinding wheel study it was time for a little travel.(Truthfully, my nose never came close the grinding wheel.) Well, it’s hard to describe, but San Pedro, Guatemala has a quality about it that says ‘Why not just relax, settle down and enjoy the ambiance’ Which is just about exactly what we are doing. I should speak for myself, Cindy is doing that and more. She is building clients as we speak, and making heart connections wherever she goes.
For myself I am very happy to play with the children on the streets, and nurture the close connections I have made here. We found a place today that has a community kitchen on the roof with a beautiful view of the lake, A couple guitar players living on the first level and three or four other neighbors we haven’t met yet. I have found several places that are cheaper, but this has a wonderful feel to it, and I think Cindy and I can afford $2.00 each per night for a while. I have taken a few days off from Spanish study, but I plan to get back into it right away. Really what that consists of for me is reading a bit, writing a bit and staying away from english speaking folks as much as possible.

Now a note from Cindito, and well wishes to all you dear friends.
(ps no photos on this update, I am working on getting some picts from my camera to a computer, and then to world surface . com to be verified—-so maybe next time amigos)

I am loving life. Not as much practice of Spanish as I want so planning on changing that today. I meet with and massaged Don Pedro Cruz the Shaman in the village. He did a soul cleanse on me. I have been invited to a ceremony Monday night that Don Pedro will be doing that me and Ken are planning to attend.

I massaged his daughter Maureen the Mayan Healer and the following day she did a treatment on me. I am feeling blessed to have these kind of exchanges. I have done a few massages in the community and my practice is building. I am finding great pleasure being integrated in this way.

Me and a fellow lover of the healing arts Larry.( who manages a place called Munchies ,a vegetarian restaurant, gardens,yoga park that just opened, a rock jacuzzi in the making and a small amphitheater in construction. are preparing to hold a gathering this Saturday for a sharing of knowledge with all aspects of the Healing Arts.

Tonight a couple with the 7 Chrystal bowls will be playing around the fire ring.Maybe some chanting and flute from Ken. The place we were staying at had a group of nocturnal dogs that were very verbal. So a new place tonight by the port and in the morning we have a beautiful spot for the week. A new large room, lake view, 2 guitar players down below us. Between them and Ken I will be in Music fest.Not a bad way to do a siesta. There is a community kitchen on the roof. 3 burners and a refrigerator.I am looking forward to cooking. I love to go to market and get daily goodies. the cost of our living has dropped to 4 dollars a day for room and a couple of dollars for food. It keeps getting better and cheaper.

I am getting paid anywhere from a bunch of bananas, free dinner at the restaurant to 75 Quetzals About 9 dollars. Thats what a Mayan gets paid in a week.


Love Ken and Cindy

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