Central America | Mexico – days of the week

Central America | Mexico – days of the week

when i was young(er), before drugs and internet-enhanced ADD, i used to be able to memorize things with the bat of an eyelash – i was queen in bible school, a literal walking new testament (yes, frightening i know). spelling bees, i also reigned supreme, and i did well in a few years of french (tho i never got the chance to use it). after a weird occurrence involving osmosis (fell asleep on my textbook in class one day) i was also very good at minor algebraic formulas that had previously made me overturn my desk.

later on, getting me to memorize much of anything, except perhaps html tags, was an exercise in futility and for the most part, it’s there that i presently still reside.

there are many things that, because of or since the internet, have enhanced my short term memory suckiness (not least my affections for a certain green gift of the mother’s). palm pilot, cell phone full of numbers, the address book on my mac, the ability to plan for very little, all mean i don’t ever have to memorize a thing.

tonight i did my spanish homework – i have my next lesson tomorrow morning at 9:30 (which is when i usually get up). i’m a terrible student. listening to myself rip a language to shreds is horrifying (or in better moments, purely comical). i’m bracing myself for the first egg & cheese i order from the dominicans down at vitellios.

for my homework i had to pack a backpack and say why i was putting each item in the bag. it wound up being a highly entertaining bout of homework – i was going back to all the times i’d had something in my backpack that was small, light, and insignificant, and made for very worthy moments in different parts of the world (it pays to carry a pair of claves around if you like drum circles).

after that, i went back through previous classes, and on the way to the bathroom it dawned on me that i could say the days of the week without running to my notes.

it’s a beginning.

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