Central America | Mexico | Baja Mexico | Baja California Sur | La Paz – Las Paz at Last

Central America | Mexico | Baja Mexico | Baja California Sur | La Paz – Las Paz at Last

We made it to Las Paz, me my wheel and the Swiss couple I have been cycling with for most of the Baja. We crossed from the beautiful Gulf of California through more desert over to the Pacific, through more desert, some agricultural lands and then more desert to the gulf once more. Our last night before reaching Las Paz we slept on the dirt ground of a family’s home in a small settlement with little else to offer. The family runs a small restaurant and the banos or bathrooms which are outhouses, are also in the backyard. We had to set our tents up in the middle of the runway. We were quite entertaining for some family members as we set up camp and stripped down for bird baths to peel off layers of salt and sand. These are just a few of the things that keep you close to the ground on a trip like this.

None of us got much sleep that night. The dogs barked all night, the coyotes joined in of course for several rounds of who let the dogs out. And when the canines got tired the roosters and chickens took over. And lets not forget the freighters that roared past all night with engine brakes rumbling….or the parade of people peeing…..Hell I think I’m still grumpy!

Actually none of us were, this was not our first time camping this way. We were packed and on the road early hoping to do the 100km stretch by noon or one so I could get to a bike shop and the Swiss to find a hotel and relax. After an hour however we were faced with incredible winds. We descended hills pedaling!

At one point a gust of wind knocked Marianna over and later a gust pushed me off into the gravel. Every crevasse of our bodies were filled with sand, with nostrils becoming sand dunes we fought on and hit town some 7 hours later. It was absolutely brutal.

This is now 4 days later however and we are all well rested. What’s more important for me is my refurbished bike. I have a new rear wheel on and lots of work done which in turn gives me a renewed confidence in my bicycle. It took a couple of days and a lot of comical communication but its all well worth it. Tomorrow we are heading to the ferry for an 18-hour crossing to Mazatlan. From there we are parting ways,

I will be heading south to Puerto Vallerta to visit a friend from Victoria (Brent remember to put beer in the fridge!). This route will also provide a good test run on my new rear wheel before I get more adventurous and head inland to ascend the mountains and less populated areas.

That’s all my news for now. I’m very excited to get rolling again, it occurred to me today while sitting in
a city park that only today on the 4th day did I start to really relax. Cycle touring for me is more of an adventure fueled by a perpetual angst. I enjoy every second of it but these past couple of days of forced grounding are the only time I have really been able to mellow out and sleep solidly and boy did I sleep.
Anyway time for a beach side margarita!!!!!!!

Love Peace and Adventure, Gazoo

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