Central America | Guatemala | Highlands | Lake Atitlan – San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Central America | Guatemala | Highlands | Lake Atitlan – San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

After leaving Antigua, I headed to San Marcos of Lake Atitlan to relax for a few days. It wasnt until I was swimming in the lake and reading my book a few days later that it hit me that I finally felt like I was on vacation. I started spanish school the day after I arrived in Antigua, and rushed to get the last details together in Antigua before I jumped on the chicken bus. This was the first time I didnt have a schedule to attend to.

San Marcos is filled with hippies attending massage school, foreign tourists, and local Guatemalans. Unfortunately, there was a five day festival while we were there which meant Marimba music was blaring until 5 am every night. It was impossible to sleep, even with earplugs in.

I had my first brush with the biggest scorpion Ive ever seen climbing up the wall of my hotel room at Aculaax. I called my American friends over to kill it, and they were just as afraid. We called the due?o, or owner, a german man named, Nicolai, to my room. We were all tense and jumpy except for Nicolai. He told us the 2 inch red scorpion was just a ‘small one’ (I was thinking that I sure dont want to see a ‘big one’) and he quickly caught it and put it outside. As you can imagine, I had a tough time sleeping. The next night, I found yet another scorpion on my wall, and this time, I caught it myself in a tupperware container and proudly gave my fresh catch to Nicolai in the morning.

We cooked fresh vegetables and ate fruit which was a wonderful change from the rice, beans and tortillas of my host family in Antigua. I also spent 2 days at the massage school getting free massages by the students as they needed someone to work on. I was definitely getting into the vacation mode quite easily.

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