Central America | Guatemala | Highlands | Lake Atitlan – Dia de Los Perros

Central America | Guatemala | Highlands | Lake Atitlan – Dia de Los Perros

i have been working my butt off. Since I hadn’t made the announcement to Worldsurface yet, guess what? One of its oldest members is now a hostel owner!

Together with a Canadian and a Belgian i met on the road a few months ago, we are now the proud owners of Trippy’s Hostel here in San Pedro la Laguna, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. COME VISIT! We are working on figuring out ways to introduce more ecologically sound practices here in San Pedro – after we figure out how to run a hostel, hehe…

our hostel is nice and busy, a consistent flow of nice, interesting people, and we’re doing loads of crap like fixing toilets and putting more door handles and locks here and there… also, i am doing a lot of work on the garden together with Louis, the husband of our cleaning lady, a local who said to me, ‘gracias for putting your hands in the earth.’

yes, the three of us are arguing with each other and getting along fabulously.

and my cohorts are dealing with my crying jags right now. as it happens in third world countries, the past two days were poison day for the strays here.

i was stuck at the hostel all day long completely unaware, until locals and friends alike came by to tell me to keep our dogs inside for the day… in a month in this town I have come to be known as a ‘dog lady’ – one of the weird gringos who comes along and has a heart for canine friends. There are lots of us here!

we have one dog who was born here and came with the place (and who we dearly love). her grown pup, who used to live in the house behind us, also came to visit a lot… i found out last night he’d gotten into the poison… rest in peace, trouble, you will be missed… i am really sorry you had to go through such a horrible death, especially after you spent the day hanging out in the garden with me. wish you would have stayed put.

i freaked out when i heard the news, went looking for my little stray fox dog i’ve been caring for since she had four puppies in a empty lot near my old hostel. She was exactly where i thought she’d be, but i freaked again when she refused to get up, sure she’d gotten into the poison and it was kicking in. i headed back home intending to sit down and drink my way out of my misery, but fifteen minutes later she showed up at my door and i let her in to safety where she promptly ate and went to sleep… she’s fine today, tho barricaded until i can find the vet for some flea shampoo. knowing the vet, she’s probably holed up somewhere – her primary purpose for being here is to develop humane ways of controlling the population.

they don’t announce these things, unfortunately, but at least it will be another month or two before we have to deal with this again. living in paradise has its costs… i have heard stories from people in my hostel of this taking place all over the world. bleh.

in the meantime, i’ve checked for my other street fave (a la Scooby in the flickr photos), and he survived as well… my canine friends here are in god’s hands…

and so am i, so am i. after weeks of deprivation i had a wonderful cuddle session with a beautiful israeli man who left town the next morning… an amazing person, and that mostly innocent cuddle session was just what i needed to wake me up again.

he left the next morning and i spent the next night with this beautiful, sweet good boy from Vienna with the prettiest blue eyes i have ever had the opportunity to view at lip-to-lip closeness… paired with the short brown hair and the shaolin kung fu body, the social work and the shiatsu skills, i have to say i owe god a really big favor for this one. too bad he had to go home, but oh such luck as he’s the brother of a local.

well, the tourists and backpackers are piling in, so i have to hit the hustle here and get a few back to my establishment. as it tends to go in these places, this morning was ‘mass migration’ day, so we’ve got a few beds empty now…

this is my life – stray dogs, backpackers, and cute boys i only get a night with. comes with a fantastic view.

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