Central America | Guatemala | Central – Cindy’s retrospective

Central America | Guatemala | Central – Cindy’s retrospective

Here’s a few more pictures and Cindy’s summation.

It has been very difficult to come to this place of expression. This was not a trip I came home from.. it is a adventure I went home to. I am different.. I see different..taste,smell,hear ..the sounds of words, the essence of life is more visible to me . I can also see the empty the dull I smell fear and I am wised with Joy , delight . Emotions in all their array are more present as I am more present, awake and flowing.
Guatemala lives in me. In many ways I feel separate from the disconnect of this culture.. running from one container to the other.House ..car.. building..for????
a feeling of self importance? My deeper hunger for deep connected intimacy with self and other has made me vulnerable. Feeding my roots with truth I stretch my branches out to embrace the light. I am mobility, flexibility. I have become simpler.
Guatemala is a Native American country.Over 80% of the 11 million population is Native Mayan. Its land is diverse from flowing rivers to waterfalls, caverns, oceans, jungles, marshes, lakes, volcanoes and mountains. My memories include the RICHNESS of the hillsides of farming, beans squash, corn. The men carrying firewood on their backs, machetes on their sides, women in native dress purchasing and selling at
the market with the sing song chatter of their dialect, clothes washing and bathing at the lake. The indigenous smile, for they are connected to the spirit world, their ancestors, the earth and sky. As above so below live in the fibers of their soul.
So now the journey continues with the self work to build this fiber within myself. Knowing this is sustainable and substantial. The plastic existence of
the western world does not feed … I am at home in my own skin, deeply connecting with self, the nature of nature ancestral , and celestial. I give great
gratitude for this experience and for the sharing of it with a friend.

Ken here.

So closes the the Winter of 04/05 adventure. Cindy has very poetically summarized my feelings too! LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE! Cindy and I are very grateful for the sharing of this adventure, with each other, with our new Guatemalan friends, and with YOU!

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