Central America | Guatemala | Central | Antigua – Daily Life in Antigua, Guatemala

Central America | Guatemala | Central | Antigua – Daily Life in Antigua, Guatemala

Unfortunately, my body has not accepted that I am on a sabbatical and insists on getting up at 6 or 6:30 am every day. I have spanish school from 8-12 M-F with a Guatemalan named Oskar. He is an excellent teacher and we talk about everything from politics, history, food to God. He also shares a love for photography. My spanish is coming along considering it has only been 12 days since I arrived. On Thursday, for class we went to the mercado to take photos and discuss the various foods. There are more fruits here than Ive ever seen. Most of them are new to me and I am delighting in trying all of them. On Friday, I went to Guatemala City with a few teachers and students to see a museum and the palace.

I have lunch with my family at 12:30. By this time, Im fairly tired from my busy schedule and its nap time for about an hour. Guatemalans do not have a siesta like other latin countries. I then will walk to a local cafe to do my homework before I go to the gym to work out. I have a yoga class on Saturday mornings, and salsa lessons on Monday. I then spend the next few hours at a school function, hanging out with new friends, taking pictures, reading, writing emails, or just people watching. I have already watched 3 movies, finished 1 book and have started a Guatemala must read, I, Rigoberta Menchu. Dinner is at 7 pm with my host family. Afterwards, I usually meet up with friends for a drink.

Tiffany introduced me to a great American church near my house which is held on Thursday and Sunday nights. It is an American ministry set up here in Antigua to serve the students.

Now that I am situated, I will be looking for volunteer work this week and will be traveling over the weekend to a nearby spot.

My latest photography has been inspired by the many faces of the mercado.

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