Central America | Guatemala | Central | Antigua – Antigua, Guatemala: Arrival

Central America | Guatemala | Central | Antigua – Antigua, Guatemala: Arrival

I arrived without complications and was immediately brought to my new host family. The family is a lovely married couple with two little girls, Sabrina and Sofie, along with nanny and maid. My room is huge, it has 2 double beds, a make do closet, desk and window. While I had originally stated I did not want to share a bathroom at my age, I knew without a doubt that this was the place for me, shared bathroom and all. The house is 2 stories with 6 bedrooms that open to an atrium overlooking the view of the volcano. Currently, there are 2 other students, a short fat man from New Jersey who has come annually for 8 years to stay with this family (his accent is horrible but he tries without shame), and a freshman from Chapel Hill.

Dont even think for a second that I am roughing it. I have excellent accommodations, hot showers (I already exfoliated and shaved my legs), and a young Guatemalan maid who cooks and cleans which includes daily room/bathroom cleaning. There are tiendas all over the place should I need anything and laundry service is adjacent to my school, la vida es buena! I have no doubt this is going to be the time of my life.

I attended my first day of class yesterday which was extremely challenging. My teacher, Oskar, a local Guatemalan is excellent. In the afternoon, I went to the mercado and walked around the town. What a beautiful town!

For dinner, I met up with my American friend, Tiffany, from Santa Barbara who arrived in Jan and will be here until August. Ryan Kraybill (previously worked at Somera) and girfriend, and Jovanni and Hillary, also from Santa Barbara are here visiting Antigua and joined us. The restaurant had a live band with Peruvian music. Several mojitos later, this was a great way to kick off the trip.

I have already made several Central America no nos; I have accidently brushed my teeth with tap water on three occasions and ate a few vegies…I hope my already weak stomach can handle it.

Today I visited la iglesia (church) de La Merced which has a rug made at the front altar out of paint. Lent is in progress and each weekend there is a procession through the streets and the rug (alfombra in spanish) is walked upon by the locals.

This weekend will be filled with festival activities. The best thing is I was able to figure out how to download my photos.

Adios, more to come!

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