Central America | Costa Rica – Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Central America | Costa Rica – Tamarindo, Costa Rica

I arrived from Santa Teresa which is located at the bottom of the Nicoya Peninsula in Tamarindo. After spending 2 1/2 weeks in Sta Teresa, I was bored and getting stir crazy as it is a small small town with nothing to do if you dont surf. The surf was way too big for me to consider taking lessons, so I opted for yoga at a nearby hotel. The yoga studio was right on the beach and gorgeous. I met some wonderful people which was a treat.

I travelled with 2 surfers from Sta Teresa up to Tamarindo, spending my 35th birthday on a bus for 6 hours. They did the honors of celebrating my birthday for me by drinking a 6 pack starting at 2 pm on the bus, toasting me with each beer – ‘Here is to Heather!’ I opted for a nap.

It is great to be back in a bigger town with fast internet, foofoo coffee, shopping, restaurants and people. However, the unfortunate thing is this town is filled with Americans and completely westernized.

What a departure this country is from Guatemala! There are no armed guards protecting Coke and Dorito trucks, no indigenous indians with their traditional costumes, no fire crackers going off at random hours, and no vegetable markets which can be found in every Guatemalan town. The ‘ticos’ are lighter in skin and eye color, taller and much better looking in general than Guatemalans. More importantly, I feel safe here. The guys are not nearly as aggressive and there is a tranquility to this country that can be felt that is not prevalent in Guatemala.

Happy 4th!

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