Central America | Costa Rica – Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Central America | Costa Rica – Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

You may have noticed there are no pictures posted…unfortunately, my camera broke in Tikal and I can no longer post pictures. Grrrr….

Email in Santa Teresa is extremely challenging for several reasons: 1) I have to walk 20 minutes on a dirt road that is filled with mud ponds, 2) the connection is painfully slow and in some cases takes 5 minutes just to access hotmail 3) we frequently lose connection while using the computer as well as electricity from the storms. The rain and lightening storms are crazy!

I met a lovely gal and her gorgeous 15 year old daughter, Tammy and Tasha, from Florida. We spent time together during the day, visiting Montezuma for example, and went out to one of the few places in Sta Teresa at night. Mind you, getting to these places can be tough as it is several miles down the muddy dirt road at night and you have to hitchhike and pray a car will drive by. One particular night, I was quite proud to successfully hitchhike and catch us a ride, I generally made Tammy do it because Ive never hitchhiked in my life. I was a professional career person for goodness sakes!!

With my luck, I picked the jeep with heavy metal blaring and 2 rather frightening looking male creatures. It was the only option. One man was german with stringy, long, hippie surf hair and was obviously higher than a kite on psychedelic drugs, mushrooms from what we could tell. He kept making wild hand motions screaming at us how beautiful we looked, it seemed it was almost a religious experience for him. When we asked where he was from, he looked at us with wild eyes and screamed through the music like Ozzie Osbourne at the top of his lungs…’IM FROM HHHEELLLLLLLLL!’

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