Central America | Belize – The Stone Lady

Central America | Belize – The Stone Lady

Day 7

Visited the ruins of Xunantunich (‘stone lady’), a very impressive site close to our hotel. You cross a river on a winch ferry (a guy pulls a crank that moves the ferry across the river). You can go into some temple chambers. There are gorgeous views from the top and you can see into Guatemala. I learned that 10% (sometimes it’s quoted at 20%) of Belize’s population is Mayan. This is changing the country’s shape politically. I’m fascinated by their medicine lore.

Had a great lunch at Martha’s, Mayan pizza, made from real Mayans. Not. The restaurant we ate at last night had art from local artists on the walls. I bought a small slate of the Mayan Maize God. Ate at chicken korma that was very curry and almondy and delicious.

This afternoon I made the mistake of checking work emails. I make this mistake every trip. Why don’t I learn?

Browsed through San Ignacio a bit. Neat place to walk around. A very friendly lady who owns a used bookstore helped me find a place that sells notebooks and pens. Looked for coconut rum but couldn’t find any.

Back at the hotel had a nap and a massage. This is not a hotel the service provides, but if you inquire at the desk a massage therapist can make appointments with you at your room. I love getting bodywork when I travel because it’s so much cheaper than at home.

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