Central America | Belize – Placencia, or is it Shangra-La?

Central America | Belize – Placencia, or is it Shangra-La?

Day 5

Placencia is exactly my idea of a laid back beach locale. Some bungalows, some restaurants, few people. [Dear readers, let’s please keep it this way]. The beach is narrow (destroyed by Hurricane Mitch) but I adore the vibe of this place. I wish I could be here longer.

Weather has been iffy. We had to cancel our snorkel trip to Silk Caye today. Boats wouldn’t go out. Even now the sky is threatening. Our hotel room (@ The Seaspray) has a great balcony overlooking the water. There are some chaises on the beach. I’m hoping for quality time in one of them.

Last night a good but expensive meal, Mango Rum chicken, at the Pickled Parrot.

I forgot to mention earlier about the Mennonites in Belize. They move as a group from country to country trying to find a place where they won’t have to pay taxes (it’s against their religion). They’ve been farmers in Belize for a while, welcomed by the government because of the land they were willing to clear. They are now responsible for Belize’s chicken and cattle industry. When we were on the boat back from Lamanai we saw two Mennonite men in a small motorboat completely overloaded with mahogany. One guy was bailing and they looked ready to sink. When people from our boat made offers of help, they didn’t respond to us.

A lot of Maya were converted to Christianity but the Mennonites keep their religion to themselves and don’t absorb any local population which allegedly leads to a lot of inbreeding. I’m just reporting what I hear.

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