Central America | Belize – Lamanai

Central America | Belize – Lamanai

Day 3

The Mayan ruins of Lamanai (‘submerged crocodile’) are approached via a 2 hour boat ride on the New River. We went slowly with our guides Ronny and Donny (I think both may be of mayan decent) pointing out various birds and wildlife along the way. We saw iguanas, countless colorful birds and these mini-alligators I can’t remember the name of.

The ruins of Lamanai are impressive. You can climb some of the pyramids and walk through the foundation of a royal house. We pretty much had the place to ourselves. There are three temple pyramids and a small ball court. There are beautiful views from the top of the second temple. On a clear day you can see into Mexico. Only 5% of Lamanai has been excavated. You do a bit of jungle walking between areas of the site and we saw a lot of howler monkeys.

The Belizeans are not in favor of excavating more of the site because they are more concerned with keeping their forests. They also don’t like cruise ships visiting sites because they are a drain on the ecosystem and don’t subsidize local businesses.

We had a picnic at the ruins, a siesta on the jetty, then the boat ride back was only an hour since we didn’t make any animal viewing stops.

Another wonderful dinner at Sam’s. Baked fish, coconut flan for dessert. After dinner Sam took us on a nature walk to see these nocturnal spiders whose eyes glow when you shine a light on them. Also saw a lot of frogs, and a big green iguana. For those who love birds, Sam also does early morning bird-watching hikes in the woods around the lodge. At nights, the animals noises are so loud, it’s like one of those jungle nature cd’s people buy to relax but played at volume 10!

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